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Autism in Black Founder Maria Davis Pierre talks about reducing the stigma S3 Ep 6

May 15, 2020

Today on The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, Mental Health/Autism Special Edition,, you will hear about the power of "reducing the stigma of autism" and techniques to use while parenting during exceptional challenges. For more information or to schedule your complimentary 15 minute     individual consult with Dr. Ali

Our guest this episode is Maria Davis-Pierre, Founder and CEO of Autism in Black Inc., located in West Palm Beach, Florida. This organization aims to bring awareness to Autism Spectrum Disorder and reduce the stigma associated with the diagnosis in the black community. As a licensed mental health therapist, Maria primarily works with parents to provide support through education and advocacy training. Her passion for working in the field stems from her personal journey with ASD when her daughter received the diagnosis at a very early age. In addition to therapy, Maria dons many other titles including coach, speaker, advocate, and author. Her first published work, The Self-Care Affirmation Journal, is currently available for purchase on Amazon. Maria’s unique approach to coaching and counseling exemplifies her drive and motivation toward greater acceptance and overcoming the barriers and personal struggles associated with raising a child on the spectrum.


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