The Dr. Ali Griffith Show

Care Enough to BE Positive and DO IT Ep. 7

May 3, 2019

Check out MY 3 mantras I use to navigate through my daily challenges (dark moments) in parenting, entrepreneurship and relationships.

Congratulations TwinMomMel on your win... The prize this month is an Autism Watch from Flex Watches!!

This week’s episode of The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, I wanted to share how to I used the 3 mantras introduced at different stages of my life to help me navigate the turmoil of relationships, parenting autism and starting my businesses. You will learn how to create and use your very own mantra mindset shift toolkits towards your ultimate desirable results.

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If you’re ready to move past the drama, turmoil and everyday crap that will present itself in your life everyday then DEFINITELY listen to this, create and leave your mantras below and get more tools by subscribing at