The Dr. Ali Griffith Show

STOP Worrying START Something New Ep. 10

May 24, 2019

What’s one thing you’ve been putting off doing FOREVER?

For me, it was my podcast for the longest time. I had the idea for yearssss before I finally was bold enough to start something new and just DO IT 💪🏾💥

We always seem to let fear hold us back from trying new, bold, and unknown things. We stay stuck in doing the same old same old because that’s what’s comfortable and familiar. We’re too afraid of what everyone else will think, myself included. 😱

When I learned how to be bold enough to start new things my life truly IGNITED. 🔥🔥

That’s what my wish for you is. For you to start moving into trying something new.

I’m letting you in on my secret tips on how to START something NEW in today’s episode of The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, link to listen is below!

What can you get started today that you’ve put off for so long?