The Dr. Ali Griffith Show

Unsubscribe from Negativity Ep. 4

April 12, 2019

Have you ever noticed that when you are surrounded by negativity, it makes you negative?  In this episode, I do a dive deep in three spaces in my life that I had to completely unsubscribe and log off from. I share part of the framework that I’ve used to strengthen my words, the things I watched and my immediate environment. It's now a must that I am aware of the negativity around me and powerfully choose whether to stay or UNSUBSCRIBE! I now use this as my foundation to enroll other women into shifting into their power by choosing what is best and protecting the safe space created. This episode is a must listen for any woman that wants to powerfully create more peace, purpose and results in her life.

This is not a one way street... tell me how you feel and definitely go to to get your free gifts to activate your unique gifts to achieve ultimate results.

This episode was recorded LIVE at the Much Different location in Brooklyn.