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When Men Open Up Chat: Dominique, Dexter and Dr. Ali S2 Ep. 11

November 15, 2019

Today's chat is aumazing with our first male guests Dominque Bond and Dexter Peggins Jr on The Dr. Ali Griffith Show today ! They share juicy tips on motivation from the males' perspective and can shift the way women raise and engage with our young men!

Dominique Bond and Dexter Peggins Jr. were led to create When Men Open because they recognized a shortage of outlets for men in need of support. Through this platform they are on a mission to challenge toxic societal views of masculinity and bring clarity to men dealing with these issues. 

When Men Open Up is an organization whose mission is to redefine manhood through transparency. Aware of the challenges experienced by a number of men, When Men Open Up was created to address the societal issues that men often struggle with in silence. Because society has painted an incomplete picture of manhood and masculinity, many men struggle with issues such as: rejection, identity, fatherhood, etc


More about When Men Open Up can be found on their website,

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